Boooo for hiatuses and not gaming and not writing about gaming!

Update 1: I am in my apartment, not at E3, so despite all of your wonderful views and comments (thank you so much!) I wasn’t chosen to go. You know what they say, aim for the stars because without that brief moment of hope you’ll realize how boring your job is and you’ll cry. . . . That’s the adage, right? I’m actually a little relieved because I didn’t want to keep blogging over there, I want to blog here! Hence the lack of update, I was trying to prove to that I was a good, contributing member to their community. But I’m back, forget you IGN!

Update 2: What’s coming in the very near future, because I am back in gaming and blogging mode?

  • Thoughts of E3 (to be published at the conclusion of the event)
  • Dragon’s Dogma demo thoughts
  • Castle Crashers thoughts
  • And much much more! </cheese>

Update 3: I’m buying new games next week! Which kind of puts the “finish classic games” thing on back burner . . . but hey, games! Games!! That’s all that matters, right?