As you can see (I’m trying not to jinx myself, but I’m going to state it here), I’ve been trying really hard to post five days of content a week. This was a terrible time to start, because I’m moving and going on vacation and just trying to sort other things out, but doing it despite all of this is kind of encouraging, internally. But, the vacation thing, I’m going to use to my advantage instead of auto-posting something, because I’m that lazy.

So! In lieu of a post tomorrow, check out my gaming buddy, The Married Gamer. You might’ve noticed his comments on this blog (Ashton is his name), and their constant insightfulness and depth. Can you believe it – he writes whole blog posts like that! He’s a great writer, and a great gamer, not to mention a great game critic (maybe I only say that because we have mostly the same tastes in games and preferences for deep narrative experiences, but don’t worry about it . . .). So, while you’re twiddling your thumbs tomorrow, because I haven’t posted anything (how narcissistic to assume), check out The Married Gamer, and give him some comment love!