Isn’t really that little. I was thinking about this as I was responding to comments last week, and as I had to choose (for this particularly post, more shout out posts forthcoming) which of the awesome gaming blogs I follow to give a holla to. The gaming blogs on WordPress are such a vibrant community! I know the majority of my followers are real people, who are actually interested in the topics I’m writing, who are responding to those posts within their own sites, or in insightful comments, or even just in their minds. I know the majority of my followers are not only real, but they want to network. I know we all work hard because we have aspirations, or just want an outlet of expression and want to do that well, and we have all of these awesome blogs. And then we all get together and do things like United We Game and Geek Force Network and it brings just one of the tiniest of tears to my eye because my heart is so warmed by it all.

Okay, everyone can stop vomiting from the cheese overdose. I JUST WANTED TO SHARE MY FEELINGS, OKAY? Everyone rocks, I really appreciate the community I’ve found here on WordPress, and how they further my goals, and how they improve my critical thought about video games, and how they inspire me to do better. THANKS, DUDES. If you’re looking for more good blogs to follow, check out anyone who has ever commented on any of my posts (seriously, they’re all good), or anyone that follows me (seriously, super good), or anyone that I follow (seriously, crazy good).

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend, Americans. Take a break from this blog tomorrow and Monday (because I am!) and read some other great content from our community members!