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My people! I would love to give you something to show my utter appreciation for all that you do for me by just reading my blog, or clicking the “Like” button on a post, or even commenting. I love you all, and that is no lie. So! I figured I have at least one Steam game I can giveaway, perhaps more by the end of this Steam sale, but to make this so super legit it’s like I’m actually getting paid to do this or something (ha, wouldn’t that  be great . . .) I’d love to use this chance to get some feedback! Here’s what I would love to see, if you want a free Steam game:

1. Like the Little Sister Gaming page on Facebook (here’s a workaround – just add it, then immediately click the drop-down arrow on a post in your Newsfeed from LSG and click “Hide…” THEN YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO SEE IT, but the Like still helps me! How does it help me? Once a Facebook page has 30 Likes, Facebook starts giving you analytic information about that page. Kind of silly for a blog as small as mine, but hey – it’d be nice).

2. Comment on this post about what kind of video game video content you like to watch. Do you love browsing Let’s Plays, or something more specific? Do you only watch machinima, or do you prefer vlogs about video game issues? Do you only watch video game video content if someone is livestreaming a game you really like?

3. IN THE SAME COMMENT AS ABOVE, say what Steam game you’d love to buy but can’t because you’ve sworn to not spend any money during the Summer Sale. I have a copy of Mass Effect 1 to give away. Old, so probably not a great incentive; if your wishlist game in your comment goes on sale for cheap sometime this week, I may or may not pick YOUR wishlist game to buy and let you choose which of the two Steam games you’d like (if your name gets picked). ALSO, if everyone really wants Half-Life 2 or something and it goes on a daily or flash sale, I’ll DEFINITELY buy it, so there is some extra incentive.

I’ll give this a week! On 7/21/2013, I’ll assign every comment a number in a spreadsheet, use a random number generator to pick a winner, post about it by 7/22 at the latest, and gift that person his or her Steam game.

Simple enough? Let’s get crack-a-lackin’! I want to spread some Steam love! A big, fat, serious, thank you to all of your!

Hey-o! I made a Facebook page so as to not spam friends who were uninterested in this blog, but to also give my mom a chance to quantifiably show her support even though she doesn’t probably want to read much about video games. So, if you use ye olde Facebook and want to boost my numbers but unsubscribe from the actual activity, or you want to read my updates in your news feed instead of your WordPress reader, “Like” my page! The URL is, you guessed it,

Also, I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed the widget on the right side of the screen but I also have a Twitter account, for letting everyone (i.e. 10 people) know when I have a blog update, but also for posting thoughts about gaming that are too short to comprise a blog post. For example, I tweeted about E3 and said “Short thoughts on E3 (no blog post): best games from Ubisoft, less excited about Wii U, Aisha Tyler is a cool gamer but a terrible presenter” So, pick your poison. If you prefer Twitter, check me out here:

And finally, if you prefer your own RSS reader, here’s a FeedBurner URL to follow these in Google Reader, or wherever kids these days follow blogs:

Okay, enough of this administrative garbage. It’s Saturday morning! There are video games to be played!