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Hey-o! I made a Facebook page so as to not spam friends who were uninterested in this blog, but to also give my mom a chance to quantifiably show her support even though she doesn’t probably want to read much about video games. So, if you use ye olde Facebook and want to boost my numbers but unsubscribe from the actual activity, or you want to read my updates in your news feed instead of your WordPress reader, “Like” my page! The URL is, you guessed it,

Also, I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed the widget on the right side of the screen but I also have a Twitter account, for letting everyone (i.e. 10 people) know when I have a blog update, but also for posting thoughts about gaming that are too short to comprise a blog post. For example, I tweeted about E3 and said “Short thoughts on E3 (no blog post): best games from Ubisoft, less excited about Wii U, Aisha Tyler is a cool gamer but a terrible presenter” So, pick your poison. If you prefer Twitter, check me out here:

And finally, if you prefer your own RSS reader, here’s a FeedBurner URL to follow these in Google Reader, or wherever kids these days follow blogs:

Okay, enough of this administrative garbage. It’s Saturday morning! There are video games to be played!